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Sara Pennypacker

Sara Pennypacker is the #1 New York Times best-selling author of Pax, and seventeen more children's books including the Waylon series, the Clementine series, Summer of the Gypsy Moths, Meet the Dullards, Pierre in Love, Sparrow Girl, and The Amazing World of Stuart. She has also contributed four books to the venerable Flat Stanley series.

Her books have won numerous awards, including a Golden Kite Award and a Christopher’s Medal, many children’s choice state awards, and have appeared on many 'Best Books' lists. She was a painter before becoming a writer, and has two absolutely fabulous children who are now grown. She grew up in Massachusetts and splits her time between Cape Cod and Florida.

Often asked “why do you write for children” she explains first, books can make a profound difference to a young reader: they can either mirror his experience in a way that says, “Look, you’re already a member of the human tribe, Welcome!” or they can open up a whole different path than the one she’s on. Second, because of the connection triangle: Reader-character-author. Authors really connect with their characters, and readers really connect with them, too. But only young readers make the final connection – between themselves and the author.

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Festival Testimonials

...I loved seeing how the artist does her drawing because I want to be an artist when I'm older.
It was great to see children and adults alike interacting with the authors and illustrators.
I think I’m going to cry! (Steven Kellogg) was so nice, and he is a good drawer and writer. (2nd grade student)